Trahern Crews


Trahern Crews, Spokesperson: January 2015-December 2016

Trahern Crews is a Saint Paul native and graduate of Saint Paul Central High. Tray became involved in social justice at an early age combining his love for social justice and hip hop.

Tray’s first taste of electoral politics came as campaign manager of the Marcus Walker for Minnesota State Senate Campaign. Tray also served as campaign manager for the Green endorsed Lena Buggs for State Representative of District 65A.

In 2014 Tray was also elected to the NAACP Executive Committee of the Saint Paul Branch as well as Spokesperson of Green Party 4th CD Minnesota.

Tray serves on the Summit University Planning Council and was voted in as Chair of the Community Improvement & Public Safety Committee. An early accomplishment of the committee was the passing of a recommendation to the Saint Paul City Council to have all police related shootings that result in death independently investigated.

Currently Tray is partnering with New Lens Urban Mentoring Society to teach urban agriculture to young African American men. Through these efforts Tray strives to teach these young men the value of growing their own food and the entrepreneurial aspects of urban farming.

Tray has fought for many social justice issues through his various organizational affiliations including fighting police brutality and advocating for living wages.

“I became a Green because the Green Party platform resonates with my values. I am concerned about serious action around climate change, raising the wage to match the actual cost of living, and I believe the broken two party system is incapable of dealing with our most pressing issues.  The Green Party is the only Party that is serious about real change.” -Trahern Crews