Welcome to the new Green Party 4th CD website!

Welcome to the new Green Party 4th CD website!


Green Party 4th CD is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website on May Day weekend! Our new site will enable us to stay better connected to our members, reach out to Minnesotans ready for real progressive change, and support our candidates like never before!

60% of Americans agree, it's time for a third party. Big money interest is devastating our local economies, trashing our environment, and working to keep families and people of color down.

This special interest has permeated both major parties in the form of unlimited campaign donations. Green Party candidates cannot receive corporate or PAC money, so you know that they work for you.

Here in the 4th Congressional District we are building a Green political movement made of activists seeking to transform politics into something that serves justice. We are fighting for a $15 living wage, an end to climate change, a local sustainable economy, racially just communities and much more.

So take a look around, get to know our policies, get to know our people, and we hope you will join us soon!