Diane Peterson


Co-chair term:  January 2014 to December 2015

Diane became politically active as a student at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.  On campus, she engaged in the late 1970s fight against a corporation erecting a powerline across western Minnesota farmland. 

A native of Alexandria, MN, she has lived in Ramsey County for 29 years.  In her Quaker congregation in St. Paul, she provided leadership in the Legislative effort against Prairie Island nuclear waste storage.  In 1999, she organized against importation of hydroelectricity from Manitoba, her second powerline opposition in an environmental justice campaign.

Diane became a Green in 1996 when she campaigned for Ralph Nader for President.  Her experience in museum exhibits and educational programming gets used in designing and installing Green displays at tabling events.

An accomplished writer, Diane produces action flyers, articles, letters to the editor, petitions for political organizing, and other persuasive pieces such as an October 2000 op-ed in the St. Paul Pioneer Press criticizing Xcel Energy for its Manitoba Hydro contract.

During a 2006 Green strategic planning session, Diane committed to paving the way for one-payer health care in Minnesota.  Currently, her activism on that issue involves exposing theft of taxpayer funds by HMOs, and putting a halt to their fraud in our state.

"I oppose corporate domination in our government and in our lives—I prefer to establish strong democracy in America, as do my fellow Greens.  The Greens effectively avoid corporate corruption of our Party by our flat-out refusal to accept corporate donations.  Consequently, no other Party comes close to representing my political interests for humanity." -Diane Peterson